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Toll-Free:​ 1-866-529-0550             Phone: 1-403-529-0550
Email: <firstname>

Staff can be reached by email or by dialing one of the numbers above, and entering the appropriate extension when prompted.

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Shortgrass Headquarters Staff

Shortgrass Headquarters Staff

Photo taken June 22, 2016

From Left to Right (starting from back row): Aaron Dalla-Longa, Chris Field, Norman Stewart, Richard Lee, Val Ogden,
Keltie Turner, Rei Kitano, Bailey Way, Amanda Steinke, Janice Montgomery, Blaine Heglund, Petra Mauerhoff

Not Pictured: Larry Dye, Rod Thurlow, Chris Massini, Liz Alexander



Petra Mauerhoff

Petra Mauerhoff
Chief Executive Officer

e: Contact Petra   ||   p: Extension 101
  • Administrative & Board Matters
  • System Membership
  • Levies - Municipal & Materials
  • Shortgrass Services
  • Suggestions/Concerns
  • Contracts
Petra Mauerhoff

Janice Montgomery
Executive Assistant

e: Contact Janice   ||   p: Extension 100
  • Delivery and Schedule
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Board Minutes
  • Accounts Receivable/payable
  • Invoice/Statement Questions
  • Reception
  • Calendar Administration
  • Contact Information Updates



Outreach Services

Systems and Technical Services

Chris Field
Manager, Systems and Technical Services

e: Contact Chris ||   p: Extension 102
  • Workflows Support
  • E-resources
  • Bibliocommons support
  • Statistics & Reports
  • Allotment Accounts
  • Workflows Training
  • Inventory Kit Support & Reservations

Aaron Dalla-Longa
Systems Administrator

e: Contact Aaron  ||   p: Extension 103
  • Internet and Email Support
  • Computer & Printer Support
  • Website Support
  • Phone System Support
  • RISE video conferencing
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Equipment Relocation & Disposal
Keltie McGregor

Keltie Turner
Acquisitions Officer

e: Contact Keltie   ||   p: Extension 112
  • Publisher Information
  • Title Information
  • Questions About “On Order” Titles
  • Cancellations
  • Selection Lists
  • Order Requests
  • Interlibrary Loans

Val Ogden
Cataloguer - School Materials

e: Contact Val   ||   p: Extension 111
  • Processing Issues - School Libraries
  • School Cataloguing Information

Norman Stewart

e: Contact Norman   ||   p: Extension 108
  • Small Member Library Cataloguing Information

Blaine Heglund

e: Contact Blaine   ||   p: Extension 114
  • MHPL Cataloguing Information
Liz Alexander - Bibliographic Services Clerk

Liz Alexander

e: Contact Liz   ||   p: n/a
  • A/V Cataloguing
  • CVS Orders
  • Overdrive Orders

Shelley Grisonich
Processing Clerk

e: Contact Shelley   ||   p: Extension 110
  • Processing - Public Libraries


Delivery Services

Larry Dye

Larry Dye
Delivery Driver

Please contact the Executive Assistant for

information about deliveries

Rod Thurlow

Rod Thurlow
Delivery Driver

Please contact the Executive Assistant for

information about deliveries

Chris Massini

Chris Massini
Delivery Driver

Please contact the Executive Assistant for

information about deliveries